Chatham Township Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is an official arm of the local government, established to protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. Volunteer help is always welcomed! Check out our Events, Programs & Project page…maybe there’s something there that will interest you!

Pilgrim Pipeline - Neighborhood Impacts

Twelve people enjoyed a hike in warm and sunny weather on the Green Village Pond Trail (1.5 miles round trip) on Saturday, November 19, 2016. Near the pond a small snake basked in the sun. The group walked along the edge of wet meadows which in the summer host a spectacular display of bright pink wild hollyhocks (Rose mallow). Then onward through forest to the Kirby Meadow, a 41 acre preserved mown field which is habitat for songbirds. A nice walk in nature on a perfect day."


Chatham Township's Drug Take-Back Program

The Chatham Township Police Department has initiated a program to safely dispose of residents' unused and unwanted medications. Click here for details of the program. For a discussion of the medical safety and environmental impacts of improperly disposed medications see the Dispose My Meds website.

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