Township of Chatham, New Jersey
Master Plan

The purpose of the Master Plan is to promote the most desirable direction for the future development of the Township of Chatham, recognizing its established character and protecting the natural environment to the greatest practical degree.

The Municipal Land Use Law establishes the legal requirement and criteria for the preparation of a master plan. The planning board is responsible for the preparation of the master plan and its reexamination, which may be adopted or amended by the board only after a public hearing. The plan must be reexamined by the board at least once every ten years.

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Section 1 - Introduction (1999)* Section 9 - Utility Plan (1999)*
Section 2 - Background Studies (1999)* Section 10 - Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (2005)*
Section 3 - Land Use Plan (2011)* Section 11 - Historic Preservation (1999)*
Section 4 - HousingPlan (2008)* Section 12 - Recycling (1999)*
Section 5 - Circulation (1999)* Section 13 - Conservation Plan (2005)*
Section 6 - Walkway /Bikeway Plan (2009)* Appendix - Master Plan 2006 Reexamination Report
Section 7 - Community Facilities Plan (1999)* Appendix - Council on Affordable Housing - COAH
Section 8 - Open Space Plan (2010)*  

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