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Environmental Commission
Natural Resources Inventory 2013





Chapter 1 - History

Chapter 2 - Geology and Topography

Chapter 3 - Hydrology

Chapter 4 - Climate and Air Quality

Chapter 5 - Soils

Chapter 6 - Vegetation

Trees of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Wildflowers of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Chapter 7 - Wildlife

Chapter 8 - Open Space and Land Use

Chapter 9 - Transportation and Regional Connections

Chapter 10 - Natural Regions

Overview map of updated regions and sections

Passaic River section discussion
Passaic River section map

Esternay section discussion
Esternay section map

Orchard section discussion
Orchard section map

Mountainview section discussion
Mountainview section map

Fairmount section discussion
Fairmount section map

Southern Boulevard section discussion
Southern Boulevard section map

Averett section discussion
Averett section map

Moraine section discussion
Moraine section map

Giralda Farms section discussion
Giralda Farms section map

Loantaka section discussion
Loantaka section map

Hickory section discussion
Hickory section map

Delta section discussion
Delta section map

Maps of Environmental Features in Chatham Township

Buried Valley Aquifer A Sole Source aquifer underlying part of Chatham Township

Conservation Easements

Contaminated Sites

Critical Habitat for Imperiled Species

Environmentally Sensitive Sites Permit extension law does not apply to these sensitive sites


Land Use/Land Cover 1986 to 2007

Open Space

Parcels with Potential for Development

Slopes In Percent


Stormwater Recharge

Streams Requiring a 300 Foot Buffer



NRI 1974 edition (21 MB)

NRI 1999 edition