The developers of the Dixiedale town homes and the Arbor Green Affordable apartments are expected to present their final expert witnesses during the public hearings on each of these development applications at the Planning Board's meeting on Monday, Oct. 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The meeting is open to the public.

The applicants may present further testimony by their engineer, architect and/or traffic engineer, and their professional planner is expected to be the final witness to testify for Sterling-Sun Homes regarding the proposed 54-unit Dixiedale townhome development located between River Road and Hillside Avenue, and the 24-unit Arbor Green Affordable apartments on the Skate Park site on Southern Boulevard.

Procedurally, board members and the public have an opportunity to ask questions of every witness when they finish their direct testimony. When the final witness has testified and the applicant for each application has completed its direct case/testimony, then all members of the public have the opportunity to provide their comments, by way of sworn testimonial and documentary evidence, on each application.

Members of the Planning Board will then deliberate on each application before the Board renders its decision. It is not known whether that vote would come at the Oct. 21 meeting or at a subsequent meeting. Subsequent meetings are currently scheduled for Nov. 4, 18 and Dec. 2.

Disclaimer: This posting is for information only and is not intended as a complete description of the application or the relief sought by the applicant. Refer to the official published notices or the plans on file at 58 Meyersville Road for a fuller description of the site Plan application.

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